You know when someone says they’re passionate about something, sometimes you wonder if they know the meaning of the word “passion”. Its a word that can oft be overused (like in New Zealand everything is “awesome” it used to drive me cracked!) Anyways, I am a fire sign, birth date 19th April, an out n out Aries/fire sign. Too much passion by times, but if I am into something, move out of the way, I go hells bells and fast forward.

So it is with Monaghan , my home county of origin. It is totally natural for one to be proud of their native place. But I am a nutcase, when it comes to Monaghan….its a county much undervalued and under rated. So I decided to do something about it, and created Mad About Monaghan. We are on Facebook, Instagram and recently launched a website. The sole purpose, to tell our story, showcase the hidden gems of this county and boast about all our successes and contributions to life the wider world, our ingenuity, resourcefulness and our great sense of craic, sharp wit and a huge heart.

My goal this summer 2021 is to attract 3000-4000 visitors to the county, who otherwise might never consider Monaghan as a destination location to enjoy a holiday, meet amazing craft makers and designers from many different genres. I am planning some amazing events, which will be posted on the website before mid-June. There are some mega surprises in store, and all will be within covid guidelines

Lynster House is, of course, the HQ of the MAM project (its cute nickname). I will be full on hopefully with the guest house, and will give 110% to my guests and happily assist with adding to their holiday experience. Watch thsi space. Follow us on Instagram and FB Mad About Monaghan and keep an eye on the website.

We are addign new listings and will have event guide up there very shortly.

I love Monaghan . I am Mad About Monaghan. I might be a bit mad anyway, but in a good way. Over n out!